As you know there are many different types of eyebrows which an artist can draw, also there are many different ways to draw hair strokes pattern!

The best known way of drawing hair strokes is to draw them at the direction of the natural hair growth, But sometimes the artist will face clients with no eyebrow hair, so what is the solution in this case?

In this case the artist should be able to distinguish how to draw each line, in this case the best way is pre-practice and getting familiar with some famous Microblading /Feathering hair strokes patterns.

Here is Practice sheet with some beautiful brows! which are drawn by “Marielle Rebecca”.

If you are interested in getting your eyebrows done, you can see which one of these hair strokes patterns you like & if you are a Student, my advise is to print it on a piece of foam paper and keep on practicing.

Good Luck


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