If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan like us, you have probably seen the episode where Doctor Burk’s mother shaves Doctor Christina Yang’s entire eyebrows for her wedding! Well that’s fine, you can draw them for the wedding. But what about the next day? And the day after that? I mean she’s a doctor for god’s sake. She doesn’t have enough time to draw her eyebrows every day. Enter: eyebrow microblading!

If you too have faced such a situation, whether your mother in law has forced you to shave off your eyebrows or you have thin eyebrows and are in awe of full, thick eyebrows, then we suggest you look into eyebrow microblading. After all the era of over plucking eyebrows is over and full bushy eyebrows like Cara Delevingne’s are so in.

So what do you say? If you are interested, stay with us to go through details of eyebrow microblading, its latest trends in 2020 and important questions on it.

What is eyebrow microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is actually an eyebrow tattooing technique. It is done with a device which has a blade that is made of other tinier blades. This device is manual and similar to a pen (unlike micropigmentation/ Nano brows device which is actually a machine).

The microblading device is used to fill in the real eyebrows to the client’s liking to make it similar to the real eyebrow. Eyebrow microblading can be done either as feather brows (real hair pattern is stimulated by drawing hair strokes among real strands of hair) or as powder brows (the eyebrow is filled with tiny dots giving the eyebrows a powdery and airy look).

Eyebrow tattooing using microblade
Eyebrow microblading is done with a special pen with a blade tip called a microblade.

What’s the difference between microblading, tattooing and micropigmentation?

Both microblading and micropigmentation are forms of eyebrow tattooing (since color is injected into the skin). In Traditional tattoos, color is penetrated deep into the skin (you might have seen old eyebrow tattoos which look fake and so old fashioned).

However, in modern eyebrow tattoo (including microblading & micropigmentation), pigments (cosmetic ink not traditional tattoo ink) are inserted into the first layer of the skin. Since this layer is not that deep and the cosmetic pigments are easier to break, the tattoo will slowly fade over time.

Now the difference between microblading and micropigmentation is the device they use and some technical details. For instance, the skin types appropriate for each. But the end result is pretty similar. In addition to that microblading stays a bit shorter but is also more affordable.

Before and after images of eyebrow microblading

Seeing pictures of microblading results would definitely help you understand it better. Take a look at these before and after images of eyebrow microblading done by Elka Clinic.

before and after images of feather touch brows
Before and after image of eyebrow microblading – feather touch brows
before and after images of powder brows
Before and after image of eyebrow microblading – powder brows
Before and after image of combination brows
Before and after image of eyebrow microblading – combination brows (mix of feather touch and powder brows)

Why should I do eyebrow microblading?

Well there are many advantages to microblading eyebrows and we are going to go through a few together:

Great solution for people suffering hair loss

You might be suffering from eyebrow hair loss due to diseases like alopecia or unpleasant situations such as chemotherapy or you might just genetically have thin eyebrows. Whatever the reason, eyebrow microblading can give you beautiful natural looking eyebrows without much effort.

Time saving

Many people who choose eyebrow microblading don’t even suffer from hair loss, instead they suffer from time loss. They might be business women always in a rush in the morning to get to work or busy moms with children to attend to in the morning or students wanting to spend more time on their studies and less time on their eyebrows. But all these women still need and desire nicely shaped and groomed eyebrows. Well with eyebrow microblading you will achieve just that: always pretty and effortless eyebrows.


Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow technique, it will stay on for about 8 to 10 months and over time it will just slowly fade, it won’t completely vanish. Also if you do activities such as swimming, heavy sports or labor resulting in heavy sweating, microbladed eyebrows will not wear off or smudge.

Why shouldn’t I consider eyebrow microblading?

As great as eyebrow microblading seems, there are also some things to be cautious of, before making an appointment for it. Let’s take a look at them here:


You might show some allergic reactions to the pigments used in microblading. These reactions are usually serious and won’t just go away with an antihistamine, which means you have to stop at your allergy doctor. Of course there are ways to test drive the pigments before the actual tattoo procedure starts.

Conditions not suitable for microblading

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should wait until your pregnancy and breastfeeding period is over to get eyebrow microblading.

Although microblading is a solution for hair loss due to chemo, if you have recently had chemotherapy you should consult with your doctor first.

Also if you have conditions such as Hemophilia or other blood clotting disorders, skin disorders such as Lupus, Autoimmune disease, Keloid scarring, Seborrheic dermatitis, Albinism, Steroid treatment and Broken capillaries (in brow area) you should stay away from eyebrow microblading.

In addition to the conditions above, if you have tan, oily or previously tattooed skin, microblading is not the right path for you.

Eyebrow microblading risks

Allergies and infections due to bad hygiene and unstandard procedures are the 2 most important risks of eyebrow microblading. Bacterial infections can also lead to skin redness, inflammation and scarring.

There is also a 3rd risk which is eyebrow microblading gone wrong! If the artist isn’t an expert, he\she might do the microblading in a way that is dissatisfactory to the client. And let’s be honest this is not similar to a nail job gone wrong! An improper eyebrow microblade must be corrected by a professional tattoo artist or a laser removal.

Eyebrow microblading side effects

A common question for people looking into eyebrow microblading is if this process would ruin their natural eyebrow hair.

Well this depends on the tattoo artist. If the artist is not experienced enough, he/ she might damage the natural hair’s root and cause loss of real hair. This damage typically prevents new hair strands from growing back. However, if microblading is done properly and professionally, it doesn’t affect the natural hair in any way.

Eyebrow microblading gone wrong

We’ll take a look at a couple of pictures of poorly done microblading eyebrows by anonymous artists and also the corrected result done by Elka Clinic’s tattoo artists.

Eyebrow microblading gone wrong
Eyebrow microblading gone wrong
Eyebrow microblading correction by Elka Clinic
Eyebrow microblading correction by Elka Clinic. Keep in mind that usually poorly done microblading is corrected with a micropigmentation machine since it is more effective in correction work.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading eyebrows typically last between 8 to 10 months. You might have heard periods like 2 or 3 years. Let us be perfectly honest with you. Have you ever seen body tattoos which last sort of forever? Well that’s the secret! If eyebrow microblading is done with the same ink as body tattoo, then it will last for years. However, microblading done with cosmetic pigments won’t last more than 12 months.

How much does eyebrow microblading cost in Australia?

A session of eyebrow microblading can cost anywhere between 400 to 1000 Australian dollars.

Microblading cost in Perth

You may find more affordable microblading clinics in Perth compared to bigger cities such as Melbourne or Sydney. Quality eyebrow microblading can cost up to 700 AUD in Perth.

If you require a microblading touch up session after your main session, it might cost up to 300 AUD in Perth.

What is microblading aftercare?

You should wash your eyebrows with fragrance free soap and dab it dry with soft tissues. After that you need to apply Bepanthen Cream on it 3-5 times on the first day after the microblading session to keep it moisturized.

You should also avoid rubbing or scratching your eyebrows, Microdermabrasion, Laser, Ipl, AHA peels, Saunas, swimming pools and make up over microbladed eyebrows. For detailed microblading aftercare, check out this guide.

Common questions about eyebrow microblading?

If by now you are reaching for the phone to make an eyebrow microblading appointment, hang on a few more moments and read these frequently asked questions. The answers are all necessary things to know before microblading your eyebrows.

Is microblading painful?

Some people don’t feel a thing under the microblading artist’s hands, however some people feel a bit of pain which is definitely tolerable. You can ask your tattoo artist to use some numbing cream for you. Although at Elka Clinic we don’t recommend pre-numbing the area since it poorly affects the end result. We usually numb the area after the first few passes if the client agrees.

Should I do anything before my microblading session?

Not really, but actually there are a couple of things that you shouldn’t do before getting your eyebrows microbladed such as exercising, tanning, Botox, alcohol consumption, taking vitamins that thin your blood and aspirin or ibuprofen.

Also do not pick, tweeze, wax or have electrolysis one week prior to your eyebrow microblading. Do not have any type of facial or peeling two weeks prior either.

Is microblading fading common?

Your eyebrow microblading will probably partly fade within the first days of the healing process. This is completely normal and nothing to worry over.

Also microblading is a semi-permanent make up method which means its pigments will fade over time. It might be interesting to you that this is actually the work of our own body which breaks the pigments molecules. However, if you have grown fond of your microbladed eyebrows and don’t want to lose them, you can recharge them with touch up sessions.

What is the healing process of microblading?

Microblading healing process includes the following changes over the next 3 weeks:

  1. Eyebrow darkening in the next 2-3 days
  2. Eyebrow lightening after the first 3 days
  3. Scabbing over the next 2 weeks (you should avoid picking the scabs)
  4. Eyebrow color loss before the touch up session
Healing stages of eyebrow microblading
Healing stages of eyebrow microblading

How much scabbing is normal after eyebrow microblading?

While some scabbing is normal, heavy scabbing is not. If your eyebrow scabs come off naturally during the healing process, then you can rest assured. The scabbing usually lasts about 7 days. If it takes longer or becomes too red and inflamed, it might be a sign of infection and it’s better that you contact your tattooist.

Do I need numbing before microblading?

Some people insist on pre-numbing for their microblading session. However, pre-numbing is not always advised because it causes skin swelling. This swelling would displace the tattooed hair strokes after it’s gone, so the end result wouldn’t have good enough quality. Also with swelled skin it is difficult for the microblade artist to find the perfect depth for microblading.

But if you have low pain tolerance there’s nothing to worry about, because the artist could numb the area after the first couple of passes with a proper anesthetic or numbing cream.

How can I be sure of my eyebrow shape and color before microblading?

One of the steps of the microblading process is the pre-drawing of eyebrow shape. In this step the artist draws the shape which he/she is aiming for. If you have any issues with the drawn shape, this is the time to discuss it with your artist. Also consultation sessions are strongly advised since this make up technique is semi-permanent and will stick around for at least 8 months.

Also microblading devices have different blades which deliver completely different results. For more information, you can read 7 different results from 7 different blade posts.

As for the color, the pigments are sometimes chosen based on your skin undertone and sometimes based on your real hair color. That is why you must avoid tanning before eyebrow microblading so that the artist can determine your actual skin undertone. Although since interpreting the right undertone is not always an easy job, it’s better to use hair color for choosing the tattoo color.

Do I need touch-up after eyebrow microblading?

You may or may not.

Your eyebrow Color will fade %20-%40 within the first 4 weeks as the skin heals, peels and fades. This fading degree might differ based on your skin type. You might also get patchy eyebrows after the main treatment. You might simply not be 100 % satisfied with the result as well. In all these cases you may need a touch up or perfection session.

Can I remove my microblading?

If you are not satisfied with your final microblading result, you can refine it with the help of a professional eyebrow microblading artist.

If you are insistent on removing your eyebrow microblading for any reason, you can use laser tattoo removal for it.

In laser tattoo removal the laser emits short pulses of light energy into your microblading. The pigments’ particles absorb the wavelengths of the laser and shatter the pigment particles. These particles must be broken down further more until they have completely disappeared. You might need 3 to 10 sessions for laser tattoo removal to work.

How to choose the best microblading clinic?

Now this is a very important question. Some people interpret “the best” as the “the cheapest”. But don’t fall into that trap. Things are expensive for a reason. Now we are not saying to necessarily choose the most expensive clinic, but be wary of the really cheap ones. There are a couple of factors which make up the quality of eyebrow microblading jobs. The artist’s expertise, the devices used, the pigments brands and the clinic’s hygiene.

Try to find clinics which offer consultation sessions, these are the ones that usually honestly give the customer a chance to choose.

Is eyebrow microblading suitable for all ages?

Of course. If you are above 18, you can use microblading no matter your age. After all, beauty is ageless.

Who shouldn’t consider microblading?

People who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Undergoing or having undergone chemotherapy within less than 6 months (Need doctor permission)

People who have:

  • Haemophilia or other blood clotting disorders
  • Severe allergies
  • Lupus
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Keloid scarring
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis
  • Albinism
  • Steroid treatment
  • Broken capillaries (in brow area)

How long is a microblading procedure?

Eyebrow microblading usually takes about an hour and sometimes up to 2 hours, but that is the maximum amount of time.

Do I need to shave my eyebrows off before microblading?

No you don’t. Microblading refers to the process of adding hair stroke patterns among your natural hair strands, this doesn’t require shaving off your eyebrows.

To sum it up …

As we mentioned eyebrow microblading is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry for having effortless affordable lasting eyebrows. It’s actually a form of eyebrow tattoo which is done with harmless cosmetic pigments instead of body ink and will last up to a year.

If you have thin, light and dry skin and are looking for a semi-permanent make up method to enhance your eyebrows, more affordably than Nano brows (or eyebrow micropigmentation), we recommend eyebrow microblading. The result stays a couple of months shorter than Nano brows but it’s also about 200 Australian bucks cheaper.

Still unsure? Book a free consultation session with Elka Clinic to get all your questions answered. You can also check out our gallery of real eyebrow work images.

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