There are three types of skin undertones: Neutral, Cool and Warm.

Neutral undertones show an even complexion, so the undertone aligns with your surface skin tone. These people have no distinguishable vein color and you can say if the vein looks green or blue.

Cool undertones are for people with a blueish, pink, or ruddy complexion. The veins of these people tend to show blue color .

Warm undertones describe yellow, peachy, or golden complexions. People with warm undertones typically have green colored veins.

Our skin is very complex, and there are many different factors that contribute to our unique color. Three biological chemicals determine your color:

Hemoglobin, which is red.

Melanin, which is your skin’s sun protection agent and is brown or red-yellow.

Carotene, which is orange-yellow.

It turns out that the amount of melanin in your main skin layer determines your undertone. The less melanin you have, the more your veins will show as blue, and the cooler complexion you’ll have.

The more melanin you have, the more your veins will show as green, and the warmer complexion you’ll have.

The amount of hemoglobin and carotene you have determines the variation in your undertone.

So why do we advice to choose the pigment colour for eyebrow tattoo based on natural hair (or eyebrows hair) rather than skin undertones?

  1. First, many people will misinterpret the skin undertone .
  2. Secondly some eyebrow tattoo clients sit more in sun than others..

Melanin sits in the lower layer of the epidermis and just on top of the dermis where we implant Permanent Make-up. Therefore the colour of the pigment can be affected by the skin undertone, correct depth and pigments quality. It’s also the thickness of the epidermis that affects our healed results as well as amount of bleeding during the procedure.

Permanent tattoos colours on the other hand are always affected by melanin concentration since they are done much deeper into the dermis.

Let me know if you have any question regarding this post? 🙂

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