Makeup can add some definition to the face and enhance some of the fine features of it. But it takes time. Plus, you have to worry about it all-day, checking if you look fine. Not to mention the total cost of makeup supplies you pay annually. Semi-permanent makeup can resolve similar issues you may have with makeup. It also enhances your face features even better since it is applied by a cosmetic tattoo specialist. And it lasts a lot longer than daily makeup, which is about 1 to 2 years.

But what is semi-permanent makeup? What are the perks or risks of applying it? And what differences does it have with permanent makeup? You can find all the answers you need before trying semi-permanent makeup here.

How does semi-permanent makeup work?

If makeup means applying some colors on the face or the body to highlight the fine features of it, such as eyes, cheeks, lips, and eyebrows, then semi-permanent makeup can do just that, but for longer.

In these cosmetic procedures, natural pigments are injected into the epidermis layer of the skin, just below the surface by using micro-blades or needles. Similar to tattoos but also different. The ink used in body tattoos is different from the pigments in semi-permanent makeup. And the blades and needles penetrate only in the shallow layers of the skin, however tattoo needles go deeper.

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The semi-permanent makeup can be applied to many parts of the face.

Advantages of semi permanent makeup

Here is a list of the perks of trying semi-permanent makeup:

  • It is semi-permanent: As you have probably noticed, semi-permanent makeup is semi-permanent! It stays on your face at all times and 24 hours for a long time. No matter what you do (exercise, swim, sleep, shower, eat, or even cry!) the effects of the makeup stay the same. That could be enough reason to try out the method.
  • Saving up time and money: Compare the amount of money you spend in 1 year doing one makeup (for instance lips, or eyebrows, or lashes) and compare it to semi-permanent makeup costs. The difference might shock you. Now add all the time it takes from you a few times a day to apply makeup and you will definitely feel the difference.
  • Looking young again: Rejuvenation was a dream merely half a century ago, but now it is becoming common to see 60-year-olds looking like they are in their 30s, thanks to semi permanent make-up.
  • Self-confidence boost: All faces and skins are beautiful. But life can be hard on some with skin conditions. Having a long forehead, few or no eyebrows, dark circles under eyes, or colorless lips can affect everyone’s confidence, especially if the problems did not exist until a while ago. Semi-permanent makeup can bring back the long lost confidence and make you feel pretty again.
  • Less to no side effects: Semi-permanent makeup has the fewest side effects compared to all other cosmetic treatments. Not to mention none of the side effects are permanent. They all fade away a few days after the procedure at most.

Cons of semi permanent makeup

With all the good things said about semi-permanent makeup, it is only fair to talk about the other side of the half as well. So now here is a list of the downsides of doing semi-permanent makeup:

  • Allergic reaction: No one can predict such things, but if you’ve had allergic reactions to similar procedures before, chances are it will happen again. The side effects can be as minimum as possible if you attend your doctor right after you see allergic signs. However, you can ask your tattoo artist to test the pigments in advance as well.
  • Removing process: If over time you grow tired of your look or the result is not what you expected, then you are in trouble. Removing signs of semi-permanent makeup is not an easy task. Several appointments are required and visiting a few doctors are needed. This is why it’s pretty important to find the best cosmetic tattoo clinic possible.
semi permanent makeup pros and cons
Semi-permanent makeup can save up time, money, and help you regain confidence.

Risks and side effects of semi permanent makeup

Cosmetic treatments are safe, but like any other clinical treatments, they are not without risk. Regardless, keep in mind that any harm or damage can be resolved, should something go wrong.

One of the worst things that can happen is the result itself. It could be too dramatic or exaggerate your facial features instead of enhancing it. Or it might not look natural, because the operator has used the wrong combination of pigments. This could be reason enough to search thoroughly before attending the treatment and making sure you have picked the right operator to do the work, who is expert enough to prevent such events.

If that was not convincing, you probably should know scarring is another risk of semi-permanent makeup, if you choose your clinic and its practitioner poorly. It is quite rare but possible to make such a mistake during the treatment. The effect of it fades away over time, but regarding the location of the scar, it could leave a mark.

Infection and contamination could be another risk of doing semi-permanent makeup. It happens only if the devices and materials are not sterilized properly. Yet again, if you are careful about choosing the right cosmetic tattoo clinic, and the right expert for semi-permanent makeup, the possibility of the risks becomes minimal.

What are different types of semi-permanent makeup?

There are numerous ways of doing semi-permanent makeup. From eyebrow microblading and semi-permanent eyeliner and lip liner to scalp micropigmentation, and semi-permanent cheek blush. Although each of these actions has a different method and different technique, yet they are all considered as semi-permanent makeup.

Let’s take a look at each of these procedures:

  • Eyebrows: Microblading or micro-feathering creates hair strokes to give the eyebrows a natural look. The gaps or sparsely covered areas get filled by them. So these methods do not design eyebrows anew, they only mend them.
  • Eyelashes: Semi-permanent eyelash is injecting tiny pigments between each lash to have a thick eyelash appearance.
  • Beauty spot: The good news is you can get freckles without sun-damage. By injecting pigments under the skin on the cheeks and nose, your face gets a youthful look.
  • Scalp micropigmentation: If you are getting bald on some areas of your head, such as the temples at the crown of your head, scalp micropigmentation would be a great option to resolve that problem by inserting pigments under the scalp skin.
  • Lips: The natural lip lines can fade away over the years due to losing body pigments. Lips semi-permanent makeup can give both lip liners and permanent lipstick.
Different types of semi-permanent makeup
Different types of semi-permanent makeup

What is the difference between semi-permanent makeup and permanent makeup?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the concept of semi-permanent and permanent makeup. Since so many clinics around the world use different words for the same treatments. Some clinics call semi-permanent cosmetic treatments permanent for marketing purposes.

Despite the differences, you should know none of the treatments are permanent. We only have normal semi-permanent and longer-lasting semi-permanent.

Pigments have come a long way from the evolution road to be what they are now. It used to be the traditional carbon-based tattoo ink for cosmetic treatments before, but now for facial long-lasting makeups, other pigments are popular.

They may fade away sooner than the early product, but their quality is much better. Plus, they do not change color over the years as traditional tattoos do. So if a clinic is claiming their work is permanent, it is probably because they use the previous product which in its ingredient there is the same material used in body tattoo.

You should also consider that beauty is a concept that changes rapidly over the years. What was known as beautiful, might be considered as ugly or outdated after a few years. Thin eyebrows were popular once, but now thick natural-looking eyebrows are more desired. So it could be better not to go for more permanent treatments.

The gist

Semi-permanent makeup can be a solution to many problems. Whether you have any skin conditions, hair loss, or any other facial imperfection, semi-permanent makeup is a better decision than applying makeup daily. But before making any rash decision, think about it thoroughly. Research well before picking a clinic and consult with your trusted specialist.

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