Why Touch up?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Eyebrow tattooing

(any of: Microblading, Feathering, Micropigmentation) are 2 step process, usually 4-6 weeks apart. It is important to come back for touch up which is the perfection session.

Without touch up, the results will not be optimal. Color will fade %20-%40 within the first 4 weeks as the skin heals, peels and fades. with dry skin color will fade less in comparison with oily skin.

At touch up we fill the gaps or patchy areas that normally happen after the first treatment. usually at the front of brows the hair strokes shrimp and goes smaller in comparison with the other part of client brows.

As at the first session of eyebrow tattooing & feathering we go very careful to not making them thick or dark, so sometimes at touch up (because it already passed one month and the person used to her new eyebrows) they wanted to make them a bit darker or thicker, or longer , as long as it still suits her face and looks natural we can easily apply these changes. with a peace of mind :)

Here you can see eyebrow Feathering result step by step


2.Immediately after

3.After one month and before touch up

4.After touch up










ELKA Clinic is a leading Eyebrow tattooing and Skin micro-needling clinic with many happy customers.  our goal is making it easy for everyone to have a hassle free beauty.

Enhance your look, wake up with makeup, and get a younger look.

We will design a professional eyebrows shape which is fully personalised for your specific face, we are proud to offer the best quality eyebrow feathering and skin needling treatment in Perth.


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