Limit time to do tattoo on eyebrows!

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Usually, it should not take more than 1:00 hours working on skin, if tattooist is working gently and slowly it can take 1:30 hours but the tattooist have to check out how deep she/he is working on skin because by going more and more deep, the skin will be damaged and the colour will disappears after healing . It's possible to practice on different fruits like bananas or orange, so tattooist can feel the different types of skin & will knows better, how to draw and fill the strokes in a professional way!

By Ellie








ELKA Clinic is a leading Eyebrow tattooing and Skin micro-needling clinic with many happy customers.  our goal is making it easy for everyone to have a hassle free beauty.

Enhance your look, wake up with makeup, and get a younger look.

We will design a professional eyebrows shape which is fully personalised for your specific face, we are proud to offer the best quality eyebrow feathering and skin needling treatment in Perth.



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