Why high quality eyebrow tattooing is an expensive procedure?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Why high quality eyebrow tattooing either done as a Nano brows or Microblading eyebrows is more expensive, l can send many photos of poor people who had done cheap feather touch and now trying to find a removal, so I really give advice to choose the master carefully.

There is many reason why Eyebrow feathering is an expensive treatment if done properly.

First of all, it’s like an art and really important to choose a right artist, who can draw and make different shape of feather touch Brows for different shape of face.

Either, she should be experience enough to know how she should work on different skin types, I mean both skin colour and condition:

• light,Olive,Tan, red head

• Dry, Combination, Oily

•Young or Mature

For more info about skin types check (Fitzpatrick skin chart)

Also, Feather touch brows artist should have experienced working on different skin issues (Scar, Alopecia, big pores)

At Home Page you can find some different people categories.

For example during Feather touch brows, with mature skin, artist need to be very careful. Because while an older client is lying down her face is more relax, so the artist might make a big mistake with drawing eyebrow shape very uneven. That’s because when client sit up the muscles of the face drop down a bit and shape change. but with and experienced good artist you should not be worry about these thing 🙂

Until now we know how delicate is this treatment and why feathering artist should be experience, so it make sense if the proper treatment should be expensive.

But also, most of the equipment of Feather touch brows are single use, and, some of the product like Pigment and proper numbing cream is expensive as well,

Also, You might heard about people crying or not bearing the pain during Feather touch Brows, it exactly means the artist did not use the proper numbing cream and also the eyebrow tattooing artist is not working at the right depth in the skin.

with us you have a peace of mind:


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