Baggy eyelids are common and so is your desire for non surgical eyelid lift. Regardless of some factors such as age, gender, or race, eyelids can begin to slump over the lash line. If people keep asking you why you look so tired or why are you angry, they likely refer to your eyelids. The saggy eyelids could become a problem when you start to feel your eyelids on your lash line. Or when they hamper your vision. They can change the shape of the face wholly and give you a different look.

There are several options to treat baggy eyelids. Aside from some domestic methods and surgery, non-surgical blepharoplasty with plasma pen is also popular. Here in this article, we take a good look into various ways of eyelid lift, along with answering common questions about Plasma Pen for an eyelid lift.

Why do we get baggy eyelids?

There are many reasons that affect our eyes’ appearance, the most important ones are:


Generally, age is responsible for baggy eyelids. The older you get, the looser the skin becomes. Not to mention the eyelid has thin skin and can droop sooner and faster than the other parts of the face and body.

Plus, the muscles behind the eyelids move a lot. Just think about how many times a day you blink or make a move with your eyes like narrowing them to concentrate. There is a muscle under the eyebrows responsible for lifting the eyelid. When that muscle fails to function fully, you get droopy eyelids. Even in sleep eyelids would not stop working as they protect the eyeballs and spread the tear over it to protect them from dehydration. So throughout the years and as the body ages more, it could not be a surprise anymore if the eyelid skin becomes baggy.

But age is not the only reason, especially if you get your baggy eyelids when in youth or when there are still not many wrinkles on your face to consider yourself old.


Lifestyle can be an issue. Behaviors such as long-term anxiety, lack of enough night sleep, smoking, and years of extreme sun-exposure would be enough to give you heavy eyelids.


On the other hand, genetics also plays a part in handing over the family legacy that is baggy eyelids. So if you have a parent with the same symptom, you probably should follow a skincare routine to prevent that. Even if it is too late and your upper eyelids have already drooped. It could also speed up some other factors. For example, if you have inherited the baggy eyelid genes and later in life, you start smoking, it would bring you drooping eyelids sooner than expected.

causes of baggy eyelids
Genetics is one of the main reasons why you get baggy eyelids.

Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatment could affect drooping the eyelids as well. Sometimes they show up as a side effect of botox. Botox, as you might know, is a toxic chemical, botulinum toxin type A, to be exact. Botox can paralyze the injected area. If it is injected near the eyelid muscle, it gets paralyzed and the eyelids drop. Thankfully, the botox effect is temporary, and so is its side effects.


Some diseases can have an impact on the eyelid skin. Allergies, facial injuries, thyroid dysfunction, and sinus disease are some of the examples of illnesses that can loosen the skin on the eyelids.

How does non surgical eyelid lift with plasma pen work?

It does not matter how you get the drooping eyelids. There are ways to fix the problem and among them, non-surgical options are the most popular ones. They are cost-effective, non-invasive, and have long term effects.

Plasma Pen is one of the cosmetic treatments for an eyelid lift. It should be done by an expert at a clinic and has a before and aftercare routine.

Plasma Pen has a hand piece device for aesthetic purposes only. At the tip of the device, there is electrical energy with weak pressure. The electricity combines with the gas around it, also released in tiny measures. The gas has nitrous oxide in its ingredients. The amalgamation of electricity, oxygen, and nitrogen creates an arc of plasma, shooting its way into the outer layers of the skin.

Each encounter creates a thermal disruption within the dermis layer of the skin. The whole process stimulates the body to react, producing natural collagen and essential protein in response. There is an aftercare process and then, when all the crust dropped, the result is soft and smooth skin with a natural gift.

Plasma Pen can help the body rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and give it a youthful look without affecting the neighboring areas.

Other Ways to treat baggy eyelids

Apart from trying Plasma Pen for an eyelid lift or non-surgical blepharoplasty, there are other domestic ways you can do that help treating the baggy eyelids.

Keep in mind that these methods just like any other domestic solution are not as fast and effective as clinical options. They should be repeated daily for a long time. The result is not as visible as the other methods but it is helpful. You can give it a try before going through Plasma Pen or other non-surgical options. See if your baggy eyelid problem would solve at that level. If not, then you can go for a Plasma Pen appointment. Or you can try them after you did the blepharoplasty treatment and you want your eyelids in good shape as best as it can be. In any case, home remedies are harm-free even if not effective.

Cucumber slices

All the myths about cucumbers are true. Their miracle is due to the ascorbic acids in them to decrease inflammation. Apply a few slices of cool cucumber on your eyelids every day for twenty minutes and wash your face with cold water after that. Cucumbers give you natural tightened skin.

Chamomile tea bags

The chamomile flower is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, used in so many health products. Chamomile tea bags are useful for both puffy and saggy eyelids. Use one chamomile tea bag for each of your eyes and hold it there for half an hour before removing it. Dip them in hot water, then cool them in the fridge for 15 minutes. You can use them afterward.

Chilled spoon

Spoons are good if you want to prevent your eyelids from becoming baggy. Or you recently have noticed your newly drooping eyelids. So it feels like it is too soon to do something clinical about it. Put two clean spoons in the fridge at night, and rest them on your eyes the next morning for 10 minutes straight.

Potato slices

Cut a medium-sized potato into a few slices. Put two of them on each eyelid with eyes closed for about 10 minutes. Then change it with another slice of the potato. When you finish, apply some coconut oil to the area. After a while, wash up with cold water. The potato would absorb the toxicity out of your skin, while coconut oil can take away the dryness the potato caused. Potatoes are a great cure for puffy, drooped, and dark-circles eyelids.

Green tea bags

Just like chamomile, green tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Green tea has strong antioxidants that fight free radicals which are the reason behind breaking down skin cells. It is a great way to treat puffy eyelids. Even if you have normal skin, you would benefit from putting a green tea bag on each of your eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes after you take them out of hot water and cool them.


As surprising as it may be, grapes can slow the cell aging process. So eating it instead of applying it could be of better use. But smashing the grapes and wearing it around the eye as the mask would also do the trick.

home remedies for baggy eyelids correction
Some home remedies to treat baggy eyelids

Common questions on Plasma pen non-surgical blepharoplasty

Plasma Pen might be easy but the delicacy of the process and the fact that eyes are super sensitive body parts can make anybody worried a bit. Especially if you have recently gotten to know non-surgical blepharoplasty. But there’s no need to panic. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about non-surgical eyelid lift:

How long does plasma eye lift treatment last?

Each session lasts around 30 to 50 minutes. Most of this time goes for applying local numbing. The operator has to make sure you feel no discomfort and then begin the work. It also depends on how many spots you want to treat with the Plasma pen. Eyes and eyelids can only take 10 minutes top.

Plus, there is the matter of the frequency of the sessions. That depends on your skin conditions and a few other factors. Before trying baggy eyelid correction by Plasma pen, book a consultation meeting and discuss that with your plasma pen expert.

Also plasma pen results on baggy eyelids usually last at least for 9 months.

How Much Does Plasma Pen Eye Lift Cost?

Here are some average prices of Plasma Pen eyelid lift in Australia:

  • upper eyelid and brow lift: around 200$
  • lower lid and crows feet: around 300$
  • crows feet: around 300$

What is the difference between plasma pen eyelid correction and other methods such as botox?

Recently some believe methods such as Plasma Pen may be an alternative for treatments like botox for cosmetic purposes such as eyelid lift. The non-surgical Plasma Pen has a longer effect than botox. Plasma Pen effects stay at least for 9 months while botox effects are approximately up to 6 months. Plasma Pen also has fewer side effects than botox. Here is a list of plasma pen eyelid correction advantages:

  • No downtime
  • No injections
  • No pain
  • No cutting or surgical procedures
  • No risk and minimal side effects
  • Cost effective

What is plasma pen baggy eyelid correction aftercare?

After the session, you should follow the structure and skincare routine the practitioner gives you. It usually contains moistening the Plasma crusts 3 times a day. Sometimes only aloe vera gel would do the work. The aftercare routine usually lasts up to 5 days after the treatment when all the crusts have fallen off. The plasma pen healing process will last maximum for 10 days.

Also you mustn’t use aggressive hygiene products and should stay away from direct sunlight, saunas, swimming pools and extreme physical activities for a couple of days.

Is plasma pen non surgical eyelift painful?

Plasma Pen has no pain. At worst, you might feel some mild discomfort and tingling. The operator uses some local anesthetic cream to numb the area before using the handpiece device. You will not get fully unconscious because Plasma Pen is a non-surgical treatment and it will be over in less than an hour.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty before-after photo
Non-surgical blepharoplasty before-after photo
Result of Plasma pen for eyelid lift treatment
Result of Plasma pen for eyelid lift treatment

Final words

There are different methods for baggy eyelid correction. Among them, Plasma Pen treatment is the most popular for rejuvenating the skin. This method is usually compared to microneedling and botox. Plasma Pen is a recommended treatment for an eyelid lift. When the skin of the eyelids becomes saggy and droopy, treatments such as Plasma Pen can provoke the body into producing more collagen. This natural protein can give you smooth and firm looking skin.

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