Do you ever see women with flawless eyebrows and wonder how they have enough time to draw their eyebrows or pluck them in just the right time? Well so do we. But let us tell you a secret: “Not all of those women have enough time to attend to their eyebrows or get themselves to the beauty salon for weekly plucking. They use a MAGIC TRICK called eyebrow micropigmentation or Nano brows. “

You might have heard of Nano brows or have someone close to you done it and now you might be wondering if it could also be appropriate for you. Well no worries. That is why we’re here today. We’ll be telling you ups and downs of Nano brows or micropigmentation to see if it is your salvation.

what is nano brows or eyebrow micropigmentation?
Nano brows AKA eyebrow micropigmentation

What is Nano brows/eyebrow micropigmentation?

Eyebrow micropigmentation is a semi-permanent make up method. In this method we deposit cosmetic pigments in the desired eyebrow shape with a device called a micropigmentation machine which has a needle-like tip. Since each individual hair stroke is drawn with a very fine needle on the micropigmentation machine, this method is also called Nano brows. With Nano brows you get very thin and crispy lines among your eyebrows similar to natural eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow micropigmentation machine
Eyebrow micropigmentation has a needle-like tip unlike microblading devices which have blades. ( stock photo ID: 1029363625 by forma82)

We call eyebrow micropigmentation semi-permanent because the pigments used in it are penetrated into the skin, therefore stay a longer time in comparison to pigments of eyebrow pencils which are put on the surface of the skin. Since the pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin, not the deeper layer (similar to body tattoo), Nano brows are not everlasting.

An Eyebrow micropigmentation session usually lasts about 1:30 to 2 hours. The lesser the eyebrow hair and the oilier the skin, the longer it will take to deposit pigments into the skin.

Depending on the person’s skin type, the healing period and eyebrow shape, the recipient might need a touch up session if after this period eyebrows become patchy or faded.

Is there a difference between micropigmentation and other forms of permanent make up?

You bet there is. The main difference is the device itself. Micropigmentation device is a machine with a hand piece. Based on the treatment type and area, we can attach different types of cartridges to the hand piece. The micropigmentation machine also has a needle-like tip which goes in and out to penetrate the pigment into the skin.

In microblading which is another form of semi-permanent make up, the device has a blade-like tip.

The lasting period is also different. Nano brows last longer, approximately about 12 to 15 months, while microblading eyebrows last about 8 to 10 months.

Before and after photos of Nano brows (micropigmentation)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and they are quite right. Check out these before and after photos of Nano brows/ micropigmentation done in Elka Clinic and see the end result for yourself.

nano brows before and after photos
Eyebrow micropigmentation before and after photos

Eyebrow micropigmentation pros

It is semi permanent

Now you might wonder how this is really an advantage. Wouldn’t it be better if it was permanent? Well not really. Your skin type and form changes as you age, so does your eyebrow hair. An eyebrow shape drawn today might not look so pretty in 2 years. Therefore, with micropigmentation you have the opportunity to redraw and correct your eyebrow shape to your liking every couple of months.

In addition to the beauty side, if Nano brows is done properly, the pigments which are outsiders, won’t enter deeper layers of the skin with Nano brows.

It saves you tons of time

Think about it. With eyebrow micropigmentation you won’t have to get up every day and wear yourself out drawing eyebrows for work or college. That’s 20 minutes extra time every day to say the least. Also there’s no weekly or monthly eyebrow plucking session for you. That’s 2 hours’ extra time weekly or monthly. Do we really need to say more?

It saves you quite a few bucks

Take all we just said for time and exchange it to cash for eyebrow kits and beauty salon fees. You pay a one-time reasonable fee and then there’s no extra fee for the next 12-15 months.  Nano brows are also friends to your wallet.

It’s appealing!

Before Eyebrow micropigmentation procedure, a professional artist draws the eyebrow shape. This means that the end result will not only be pretty individually but will also enhance all your facial features.

Eyebrow micropigmentation cons

You might be allergic to it

You might develop allergies to cosmetic pigments, since there are pigments of various brands. In that case you might experience skin redness and swelling and have to visit a doctor. However there are test patches available to check if you are allergic to the pigment in use. These test patches are usually applied behind the ear. If you are often allergic or suspect strongly that you might be allergic to eyebrow tattoo pigments, you can ask your tattoo artist to do the test.

When done improperly, you might experience infections

If proper hygiene is not applied, you might suffer bacterial infections afterwards. So it is very important to choose a standard clinic for it. You can check out the rules and regulations related to Healthy Body Art by the Australian department of health here.

How long do Nano brows last?

The lasting period of Nano brows depends on the skin type, body’s metabolism, sun exposure, whether the person takes any medication and the procedure quality. But generally Nano brows last between 12 to 15 months.

How much is eyebrow micropigmentation in Australia?

Semi-permanent make-up price differs based on the artists’ experience and material used. However, the average eyebrow micropigmentation price in Australia ranges from 400 to 1500 AUD.

Eyebrow micropigmentation price in Perth

Nano brows price in Perth could be around 400 to 1000 dollars for the initial session.

Want to know more about Nano brows?

If you still have questions unanswered about Nano brows, read on to find users’ most common questions answered.

Does micropigmentation hurt?

When the micropigmentation device touches the skin, you might feel a bit of tingling similar to when you get your eyebrows plucked or a small vibration on the skin, however there’s always the choice of using anesthetic and numbing creams for zero pain.

What is the healing process of Nano brows?

Micropigmentation healing process includes the following changes over the next 3 weeks:

  1.  Eyebrow darkening in the next 2-3 days
  2.  Eyebrow lightening after the first 4 days
  3. Scabbing over the next 2 weeks ( you can prevent the scabbing by wetting the area in the first 2 days after)
  4. Eyebrow color loss from days 7-10
  5. Eyebrow darkening and a bit of patchiness ( still 20-50 % darker than right after the treatment) after 12 days

What is micropigmentation after care?

You should wash your eyebrows with a very mild and fragrance free soap and dab it dry with soft tissues. After that you need to apply Bepanthen Cream on it 3-5 times on the first day after the micropigmentation session to keep it moisturized just enough to prevent the area from getting too dry.

You should also avoid rubbing or scratching your eyebrows, Microdermabrasion, Laser, Ipl, AHA peels, Saunas, swimming pools and make up over micropigmented eyebrows. For detailed micropigmentation/Nano brows aftercare, check out this guide.

Will my Nano brows fade?

Since the pigments used in Nano brows are cosmetic, they will slowly fade over time. Of course micropigmentation done with body tattoo ink won’t fade because the structure of body tattoo ink is different and also the pigments penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and is not recommended.

What if I don’t like my eyebrow micropigmentation?

Well that’s a tough and unpleasant question. But first off we have to tell you that there are many steps and requirements before actually penetrating the pigments into your skin and having Nano brows done. Most of these requirements are there to prevent bad micropigmentation. However, if after all is said and done you still end up with unpleasant results, there’s the option of laser tattoo removal or correction session. The best way is to remove it as soon as possible by a professional removal artist.

What’s the difference between Nano brows and eyebrow microblading?

Nano brows are a bit more expensive but last a couple of months longer. They can also be applied on any type of skin. If you still need more info to see which is for you, read Nano brows vs. microblading post.

Is there a difference between Nano brow, feather brows or powder brows?

Feather brows and powder brows are actually eyebrow styles done with a micropigmentation machine. So micropigmentation can give you both results and more based on your preference.

Do I need a Nano brows touch up session?

Depending on your skin type, the outcome of the first micropigmentation session might need some perfection or touch up. If you have one of the conditions below, then you may need a perfection session:

  • Your eyebrows look patchy.
  • Eyebrow color drastically fades due to skin’s rejection.
  • Your eyebrows are uneven.
  • You are not content with the end result. For instance, you might want a darker color or you might want to change the shape a bit.

The micropigmentation gist …

So to wrap it up in a nutshell, we must repeat that micropigmentation is also known as Nanobrows and it’s a formof eyebrow tattooing and semi-permanent make up. We call it semi permanent since the pigments are not inserted deeply into skin. So eyebrow micropigmentation is actually done in a depth shallow enough not to harm your skin and also deep enough to last for 12-15 months (this depth is called the sweet spot).

Nano brows cost between 400 to 1000 AUD on average and must be done in an experienced clinic.

If you are in need of beautiful, fully enhanced eyebrows which last for months, then Nano brows AKA eyebrow micropigmentation is definitely the best option for you.

You can also book a free consultation with Elka Clinic to make sure Nano brows are your one true hero.

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