Feather touch brows have been one of the finest trends in the beauty world and it seems that they are not going anywhere for a long time to come. What are feather touch brows you ask? You might have seen bloggers or influencers on Instagram with their beautiful looks and of course gorgeous eyebrows. You might have also wondered how they have such well shaped eyebrows or how they have enough time to get their eyebrows done all the time. Well we have one word for you: Feather Touch Brows.

Feather touch brows or eyebrow feathering is an eyebrow tattoo style that has gained a huge popularity, especially due to its natural look.

If you’re always struggling with your eyebrows, trying to fill them in or make its hair grow, we highly recommend that you read on to find out all about eyebrow feathering, for it can be your hassle free savior to permanent beauty.

What are feather touch brows?

Feather touch brows also known as “hair strokes”, “3D brows” or “feathering brows” is an eyebrow tattoo style. It is also sometimes referred to as “micro feathering”. The reason it’s called “Feather” brows, is that its style reminds you of a feather. It consists of strokes to present natural hair strokes.

Eyebrow feathering can be done both by microblading and micropigmentation (or nano brows), though it is more commonly done by microblading.

In case you don’t know, microblading and micropigmentation are both eyebrow tattoo techniques done by different devices. However, since eyebrow feathering is usually done with microblading, some people just refer to microblading as eyebrow feathering.

In feather touch brows, the eyebrow tattoo blade creates lines quite similar to hair strokes in places where your real eyebrow is missing hair. These strokes are drawn with special cosmetic pigments.

feather touch brows also known as micro feathering or 3D brows
Eyebrow feathering also known as micro feathering or 3D brows or feather touch brows. This eyebrow tattoo style gives you the most natural results. It might even be hard to recognize that you’ve had a cosmetic procedure done with them.

Is eyebrow feathering the same as Microblading or Micropigmentation?

Technically no. Eyebrow microblading and eyebrow micropigmentation are eyebrow tattoo techniques. Microblading is done with a hand device or pen that has a blade like tip. Micropigmentation is done with a special machine that has a needle-like tip (this method is also called machine eyebrow tattoo). While these 2 techniques can give you similar results, they are each used for different types of skin, various durability and also cost different.

Now each of these ways can give you different eyebrow styles like the image below:

eyebrow hair stroke patterns
Eyebrow styles by eyebrow tattoo

If the eyebrow style you choose is the second one, then you have chosen the eyebrow feather style.

So as you can see these 3 are not the same, even though people commonly use them interchangeably.

How long does it take to do feather touch brows?

All it takes is about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours including the skin numbing time. And then you can be care free for the next couple of months. If you are lucky, you might not even need touch up. However, some people might need just another extra session known as a touch up/perfection session to perfect the job.

How long do feather touch brows last?

Eyebrow feathering is a semi-permanent make up option; it lasts for a long time in comparison to normal make up, but also shorter than body tattoos.

Feather brows last sometime between 8 to 15 months depending on your skin type and the technique chosen for eyebrow feathering. For instance, if you get feather brows by microblading (which is more common), it will probably last about 10 months. However, if you’ve got oily skin and cannot do microblading, you should get feather brows by micropigmentation or nano brows. It will probably last about 1 whole year.

In any case, you will be rid of all the eyebrow makeup applying and eyebrow shaping session for a couple of months.

Is eyebrow feathering painful?

Eyebrow tattoo techniques or semi permanent makeup are not generally painful since they are done with special devices and shallow on the skin. In fact, these devices will only scratch the surface of your skin. However, we use a strong numbing cream before the process so you won’t feel any pain at all. We even have clients listening to music comfortably while getting hair strokes tattooed, some of whom even fall asleep.

How much does eyebrow feathering cost in Australia?

Feather touch brows cost depends on its technique. Since it’s mostly done with microblading, it usually costs about 300-400 Australian dollars. If you have oily or tan skin and must get hair strokes with the machine (or nano brows). It will cost about 400-600 Australian dollars per session. This technique is more expensive but lasts longer.

What is before care for eyebrow feathering?

The most important thing you should know before getting eyebrow feathering or 3D brows is that 3 days before your appointment you shouldn’t drink alcoholic beverages. In addition, you must avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other medication/supplement that thins your blood.

Also try not to tan anytime close to your 3D brows appointment. This is  important because the tattoo artist needs to see your natural skin tone in order to match the hair color to it.

What is feather brows aftercare?

You’ve probably seen people after their eyebrow tattoo session that look a bit strange with some sort of cream always on their eyebrows. Well, those people are in their eyebrow healing process and it is very important for them to just keep their aftercare routine on.

Eyebrow feathering aftercare is important because it can alter the final results if not taken seriously. Below is a list of things you must do as feather touch brows aftercare:

  • Rinse your eyebrows with neutral (fragrance free) soap immediately after you get home from the treatment to remove all the lymph and numbing cream.
  • Gently dab your eyebrows dry with a cotton pad or paper towel. Avoid using harsh clothes and rubbing your brows.
  • Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen Cream on your brows 3-5 times during the first day.
  • Keep on applying the cream for the next 2 weeks whenever your eyebrows look dry.

A few more tips about eyebrow micro feathering

  • If you are suffering from eyebrow hair loss and have lost most of your eyebrow hair, then 3D brows might look unnatural on you. In that case we recommend powder style or combination brows.
  • Don’t worry about your eyebrow color. The brow tattoo expert will match the feather brows color to your real hair color or your desired color.
  • Always check out eyebrow feathering before and after photos in the eyebrow tattoo clinic that you consider. It really helps connect with their style and make sure it fits your taste.
eyebrow feathering before-after image by elka clinic Perth
Before-after image of feather brows by Elka Clinic


In a nutshell, if you are only missing a few hair strands from your brows or if you’re aiming for really natural eyebrows, feather touch brows or 3D brows are probably the perfect choice for you. You should get a consultation with your eyebrow tattoo clinic to see which technique is best for you depending on your skin type, color and conditions like having old tattoos or not.

At ELKA Clinic we provide free consultation sessions before you even book your appointment.

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