Eyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic procedure. Its cost, like any other treatment, varies based on different things. Indicators such as the clinic itself, the tattoo artist, the location, and the type of technique used in the process can determine the ultimate eyebrow tattoo cost.

You can look for cosmetic tattoo clinics in your local area and compare the quality of their makeup artists’ work alongside their prices to get a better view to decide which one is the best option for you.

What factors affect eyebrow tattoo cost?

Here we lay out the most important factors that can affect eyebrow tattoo prices. Plus, you can compare different clinic prices among cities in Australia.

Eyebrow tattoo artist qualification

The certificate and the experience that the make-up artist has could alter the final eyebrow tattoo cost. In some clinics with more than one make-up artist, the cost changes based on the artist who operates it.

Different factors can help you determine an experienced expert from a novice. Check out the operator’s background before choosing him or her as your permanent make-up artist. Keep in mind that none of the factors alone would suffice. For example, the years of experience an expert claims she or he has, could not stand alone as a guarantee for quality work. Aside from the fact that methods have changed throughout the years, you do not know whether the artist has given out quality work in the years passed.

On the other hand, not anyone with a signed paper as a certificate could be considered an expert. Therefore check these factors altogether while choosing your permanent make-up artist. Look for their background, and valid certification, and see before and after photos of eyebrow microblading and eyebrow micropigmentation. Nothing like the work itself can present the artist’s qualifications. And remember that not anyone with a higher or lower price could necessarily be an expert.

which factors affect the eyebrow microblading cost or nano brows cost?
In your consulting appointment, you get to see whether your eyebrow tattoo artist is qualified enough and has proper certification. These factors can affect the eyebrow tattoo’s final price.

Eyebrow tattoo technique

Eyebrow tattoos have various techniques that also have different prices.

Microblading and micro pigmentation are two completely different treatments. Both will insert pigments into the dermis layer by puncturing the skin to design an eyebrow shape. But the methods are operated in diverse techniques. Whether it is nano brows or microblade brows, it alters the final price.

Microblading cost

With all the factors affecting the microblading cost, it usually varies between $400 up to $700. The location of the clinic could alter the price more than other factors. But before booking an appointment for microblading, check the quality of the tools and supplements, and the make-up artist’s background. Microblading is a delicate tattoo technique and is recommended for oily skin, tan skin or an old tattoo. In Australia, microblading costs about 600$, aside from touch-up sessions.

Nano brows / micropigmentation cost

Nano brows are suitable for the ones who want natural-looking eyebrows. In this method the make-up artist only completes the shape by inserting pigmentation to give eyebrows a fuller look with more volume. Overall, nano brows’ price has an average cost of $400 to $1000$. Usually micropigmentation/ nano brows cost is a bit higher than microblading and it also stays on longer.

Eyebrow tattoo clinic and equipment

As we said before, the location of the clinic can affect the price. Whether it is in a populated city or the building is located in a crowded neighborhood, the price changes significantly.

The equipment used in the process is another effective indicator. Before booking an appointment, make a visit to the clinic. Some clinics offer a free consultation. During your visit check the quality of tools and types of equipment they use.

Pigments in eyebrow tattooing should be natural to have a long-lasting effect. There are also different types of pigments in the market that influence the final cost.

Handpiece devices are another indicator. Some brands are more expensive due to their high accuracy.

Final eyebrow tattoo price depends on handpieces and tools used for eyebrow treatments.
One of the reasons behind the high eyebrow tattoo prices of some clinics is because of their expensive and quality tools.

Touch up session

Touch up sessions are additional sessions long after the main treatment.

In some cases, the pigments require repairing in some spots. The pigments used in the eyebrow tattooing could fade a little after a while. It could be due to skin type, lifestyle habits, etc.

In these touch-up sessions, the make-up artist repairs the eyebrow to regain its full shape once again. Even if your eyebrows look intact, the touch-up sessions could be useful to make sure they are in healthy condition.

Eyebrow tattoo touch-up session’s price is less expensive than the main treatment. It varies based on the eyebrow tattoo technique. In Australia, eyebrow touch-up prices start at 150$ and go up to 450$. In some cases, the cost can get even higher if additional work is needed.

How much does an eyebrow tattoo cost in Australia?

We discussed the cost of microblading, the cost of nano brows, and touch up sessions price earlier in this article, but each price differs from country to country and city to city. And that is only if we step aside from other factors such as the make-up artist’s expertise, the tools, and the technique itself. So consider the prices only a suggestion to help you get a better idea of the average eyebrow tattoo price.

How much is eyebrow tattoo cost in Perth

The average cost of an eyebrow tattoo in Perth normally starts from $400 up to $900. But each technique has a different cost.

For example, nano brows, also known as micropigmentation, cost about $750 in Perth.

On the other hand, microblading has a price that goes around $600.

Plus, each touch op session costs about $ 200 in 4 to 6 weeks after the main treatment is done. These touch-up sessions are usually required to fill in the gaps with pigments or apply slight changes to the shape of the eyebrow based on what you might want.

average cost of eyebrow tattoo Perth
The average cost of an eyebrow tattoo in Perth normally starts from 400$ up to 900$.

How much is eyebrow tattoo cost in Sydney

In Sydney, the price of microblading starts at $450 and then goes up to $850.

Each touch-up session for microblading has a price of $170 to $250.

And the price for micropigmentation sessions is an average of $850.

How much is the eyebrow tattoo price in Melbourne

The whole pack of eyebrow tattooing treatment has an average of $600 to $1200 including the touch-up sessions in Melbourne.

But without extra sessions, it only cost about $650 to $700.

Microblading has an average of between $350 and $400 with a $130 touch-up session. The cost of nano-brows and micropigmentation starts at $800 and gets higher at around $950.

Final words

Make a list of the clinics around you and compare them based on the factors that were mentioned here. Among other factors that you may have, such as the staff friendliness, the skill level of the permanent make-up artist, or the sterile tools used in the procedure, the cost can affect more on your final option.

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