The eyebrow tattoo colour is as important as the eyebrow shape, if not more. To clarify, the eyes and the eyebrows are one of the first features of the face that appears to others. So Any change in the colour of the eyebrows can make a face look completely different.

Usually, the natural eyebrow colour is the best choice when you’re getting an eyebrow tattoo. But sometimes, especially with dyed hair, the right change of the eyebrow colour can do a miracle.

When you change the shape of your brows with cosmetic tattoos such as eyebrow microblading or eyebrow micropigmentation, the colour goes through some transformation, too. That is precisely why choosing the right colour for your eyebrow tattoo is a delicate issue.

In the following post, we have gathered comprehensive information on how to choose your eyebrow tattoo colour. So if you want to know more about selecting the right colour for your brows, keep reading.

Methods for choosing the right eyebrow tattoo colour

Selecting the right eyebrow tattoo colour can make your brows look fuller and with more volume. Probably that is why even with the high-quality eyebrow tattooing, the wrong colour can affect the result terribly. To avoid a situation like this, you should consider some underlying factors before picking the eyebrow colour that suits your facial appearance.

The Fitzpatrick Scale

If you have difficulties over deciding what your skin type is or which shades of colour you should use, then the Fitzpatrick scale might be of use.

The Fitzpatrick is an international scientific scale that classifies the skin types by the skin, hair and eye colour. Back in the 70s, the original purpose of designing this system was to separate skin types by the density of the pigments. On the other hand, this classification could determine which skin types were at risk of skin cancer or which ones have more chance of sunburn.

Even though this scale could not tell you what eyebrow tattoo colour is the exact right choice, you still can gain a lot by studying your skin type, like which foundation and concealer to use, which eye shadow colours can bring out your eyes, etc.

Skin types based on the Fitzpatrick scale

The Fitzpatrick scale classifies the skin types from 1 to 6, starting from the lightest to the darkest skin colour there is.

Skin typeHair colourEye colourSkin colourSpecifications
Type 1– Red
– Auburn
– Light blonde
– Light grey
– Light green
– Light blue
– Ivory and pale– Burn easily
– Never tans
– Has many freckles
Type 2– Blonde– Grey
– Green
– Blue
– Fairly pale
– Light pink
– Burn easily
– Barely tans
– Has freckles in direct sunlight
Type 3– Dark blonde
– Light brown
– Hazelnut brown
– Different shades of light brown– Golden
– Beige
– Burn after long hours after sun exposure
– Tans well
Type 4– Dark shades of brown– Black
– Dark brown
– Light brown
– Caramel-brown
– Olive
– Barely burns
– Tans easily
– Has no freckles
Type 5– Black
– Dark brown
– Black
– Dark brown
– Dark shades of brown– Has no freckles
– Always tans
– Never burns
Type 6– Black– Black
– Dark brown
– Shades of darkest brown– Has no freckles
– Tans darkly
– Never burns

So it becomes clear that the lighter skin you have, the more you are at risk of sun damage and the risk becomes minimum for those with more skin pigment density.

For picking the right eyebrow tattoo colour, you can match your natural description to the scale and find your skin type. Then start your research over which makeup and shades of colour is the right option for you. Hence the result gives you natural-looking eyebrows highlighting the best features of your face.

Skin undertones

What you see in the mirror is your skin colour which by that, you can classify your skin type. But there is also your skin undertone that you should keep an eye on.

Knowing your skin undertone type can help you with picking the right style and colour palette of makeup, clothes and semi-permanent foundations such as BB cream and CC cream.

There are three skin undertones. Knowing which skin undertone you have, helps with picking the right eyebrow tattoo colour:

Cool undertone

Regardless of skin type and skin colour, people with pink, red, or even blue in the base of their skin have a cool undertone. One of the ways to know if you have a cool skin undertone is to ask yourself if silver jewellery looks better on you than gold ones.

Warm undertone

People with gold, olive or shades of yellow in their skin have a warm skin undertone. Check if the veins visible inside of your wrist are green. That will also help to determine your skin undertone.

Neutral skin tone

If you find both signs of cool and warm undertones in your skin, then you probably have a neutral skin undertone. People with neutral undertones have both shades of pink and yellow in their skin. They also can burn while they tan in the sun.

The colour white can help if deciding is still hard. Which dress highlights your facial skin better: white or off-white dress? White means warm undertones while off-white goes for cool undertones.

As for picking the right eyebrow tattoo colour, you should know cool eyebrow colours are a better fit for those with a pink undertone. But warm colours look better on olive or yellow undertones. And if the skin undertone is a mixture of those two, then both cool and warm colours are good choices. Lucky for them!

eyebrow tattoo color based on skin undertone types
There are three types of skin undertone affecting your choice in eyebrow tattoo colour.

Natural hair colour and type

Aside from skin tone and undertone, the hair has also a significant role in selecting the right eyebrow tattoo colour. The shape of the hair, the length, or the type does not affect what colour you choose for your brows whatsoever. But the hair colour is different.

For blonde hair, light colours are some experts’ suggestions. Most people believe the contrast between brows and blonde hair can make the best pair, but the outcome is not a wise choice for everyone. While light brown or gold colours can give any blonde a beautiful natural look.

The same goes for auburn, red or orange hair colour. Matching eyebrow tattoo colour with similar hair colour could not have a fashionable result. Instead, pick cool brow shades or light brown. They give you a warm look, creating a beautiful contrast with your hair.

If you have brown hair colour with different shades, pick two of your darkest shades and select your eyebrow colour from them. Brown hair colours can even match with darker eyebrow colour. Dark eyebrows can give you a sharp look with highlighted features, but there are rules for picking them so be careful.

Just like blonde hair, people with dark brown and black hair colour should not select a tone similar to the hair color. If your hair is very dark or black, do not go for the same dark eyebrow tattoo colour. Instead, pick a lighter brow shade like medium brown, chocolate brown, or ash shades.

Natural brow type

With all the factors mentioned above, you should also consider your natural eyebrow shape. For example, if your brows are full and thick, the wise choice is to go for darker colours. Same goes for people who want a full, thick eyebrow by microblading or nano brows. On the other hand, if you have light and thin brows and you want to keep it that way in your treatment, then light colours are highly suggested.

Have a consultation meeting with an expert before attending the eyebrow tattooing over what brows you want and what shape is the right option for you. After deciding about the outline and how the strokes should be, you may discuss which colour suits you best.

So which method is right for you?

It is important to know that choosing your eyebrow tattoo colour based on only 1 of the factors above, is not the right way at all. This is mostly because there’s always room for misinterpretation. So it’s always best to use a combination of the abpove and check with the tattoo artist. Also the ultimate filter is your desire. No matter what other scales suggest, you still should select your eyebrow tattoo colour regarding what you feel like more than others. The expert and the practitioner at the clinic can guide you based on their experience. Plus, according to all we talked about earlier, there are multiple ways to assist you in picking the right colour.

Consult with an expert to choose eyebrow tattoo colour
Consult with an expert before choosing your eyebrow tattoo colour.

Also consider these tips:

  • Darker eyebrow tones tend to stay longer than lighter shades.
  • Experts and professional permanent makeup artists incline into using your natural eyebrow colour.
  • The colour of microblading or tattooing can fade over time. The Pigments transform due to some conditions, especially due to sun exposure. That is why you’ll need touch up sessions after a couple of months.
  • After finishing the session, your brows look darker than what you wanted. But the right colour comes out after a few days.
  • Do not imitate other people’s eyebrow colours. In other words, if some colour looks good on someone, it does not mean it is the right choice for everybody.

Last words

Picking the right eyebrow tattoo colour could be tricky, but do not stress yourself out for it. There is always room for adjustment in semi-permanent makeup. To clarify, if by any chance you did not appreciate your new look after the treatment, you can change it to something else in the touch up or perfection session.

Do thorough research before attending the eyebrow tattooing and select the clinic wisely. The Fitzpatrick scale, the skin undertone, the eyebrow shape, your skin type and the hair colour can assist you to choose your eyebrow tattoo colour, but that won’t matter if the artist is not expert enough. If you are in doubt for choosing a fine clinic, we suggest you also read our blog post on how to choose the best eyebrow clinic in Perth.

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