Careers at ELKA CLINIC

Personal Qualifications:

  • Certified Artist

  • At least 2 years experience

  • A portfolio of at least 10 before & after clients’ photos

  • Passion for microblading, permanent makeup and beauty

  • A record of continuous training

  • Comfortable posting daily on Instagram and social media

  • Great with clients and team

Required Technical Skills:

  • Feathering and Powdering eyebrow techniques

  • Works with ALL Fitzpatrick scale skin types

  • Able to draw different shapes for different faces and not just follow a specific pattern

  • Good understanding of colour theory and safety

  • Happy to follow up on the treatments

  • Experience with clients with very little or no eyebrow hair

  • Experience covering up scars, tattoos, or previous microblading work

ELKA artists love what they do, learn continuously, and they try to be the best.

If this sounds like you, and you meet all of the above requirements, please send an email to

Be sure that your resume includes:

  • Portfolio of at least 20 procedure photos

  • Your professional Instagram or Facebook if you have one

  • List of all masters or academies you’ve learned from

  • Please mention if you’re bilingual

  • Please note if you have experience in other permanent makeup services as well

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ELKA CLINIC is a leading permanent make up, Micro-needling and Plasma Pen clinic in Perth with many happy customers. Our goal is making it easy for everyone to have a hassle free beauty.

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