Eyebrows are a delicate matter. A slight change in them can alter our face into a wholly different look. Not to mention they are usually the first thing we see on people’s faces. So if you are about to try permanent or semi-permanent make-up on your eyebrows and find the best eyebrow tattoo clinic in Perth, you should research first, thorough and precise.

After ensuring you will go through the process and there are no cold feet on the matter, the most important decision would be choosing the right eyebrow tattoo expert. There are enormous differences between a permanent make-up artist and the usual make-up operator you visit once a month to trim your eyebrows.

But do not panic! Several factors can help you sort out who is the best eyebrow tattoo specialist for you. Here in this article, we review some of them to get you a better vision of your ideal expert.

What to consider for choosing the best eyebrow tattoo clinic in Perth?

There are various options in finding an eyebrow tattoo clinic Perth. A qualified eyebrow tattoo specialist is responsible for creating beautiful and identical eyebrows with high quality that last for years. Plus, they should maintain the quality of their work over the years in repairing sessions. That is why choosing a permanent make-up artist could be a once in a lifetime decision. Make sure to consider the following factor before choosing an eyebrow tattoo clinic in Perth.

Eyebrow tattoo experience

One of the main factors that will determine the qualification of your eyebrow tattoo specialist in Perth is their experience in operating tattoos over the years. However, experience does not come by only with years. You should also find out how many appointments they have on a daily or weekly basis.

Look up the clinic’s website and find their online resume to check if they’ve had a busy schedule throughout the years. Also check out their before and after photos. Find a similar match of your hair and skin tone among the pictures. This way, you can get a better and more realistic idea of how an eyebrow tattoo will end up on your face. Plus, you get a better understanding of the eyebrow tattoo specialist’s experience.

Eyebrow tattoo ink and material

If you think only the make-up artist’s expertise matters, think again. The material used in the process should be one of the indicators to choose the best eyebrow tattoo clinic Perth.

Cosmetic procedures such as eyebrow tattoos should be operated in a sterile environment. So make a visit to the clinic before you book an appointment and see if the operator wears gloves while working or sterilizes the tools. Plus, it’s better to avoid doing the process if the eyebrow tattoo specialist works in a hair salon instead of a clinic. It is not worth the infections you might get afterward.

Another factor in choosing the best eyebrow tattoo clinic in Perth is to check the quality of the pigments used in the process. The ink must be semi-permanent, so if you realize the clinic you are visiting is using the permanent tattoo ink, reconsider trusting them.

As determined as you may be on how your ideal eyebrows should look, you will most likely change your mind in a few years after the process. It could be due to aging, dying your hair, and your skin conditions. Or maybe you get tired of the same eyebrow shape after a while. Therefore using the semi-permanent ink will provide you enough freedom to reconsider your eyebrow tattoo after 1 to 1.5 years, which is usually how long the semi-permanent ink will last.

Eyebrow tattoo qualification and certification

There are professional training courses for cosmetic procedures. One of the easy ways of finding the best eyebrow tattoo clinic is to check the make-up artist’s certification. Australian certification comes from APAA that is short for the Australian Professional Association of Aesthetics.

Keep in mind that cosmetic procedures are a sensitive process, so the specialist must be educated and have the required knowledge to get the work done.

best eyebrow tattoo clinic Perth qualification and certification
Check the qualification and certification of the clinic before booking an appointment for eyebrow tattooing.

Eyebrow tattoo consultation

One of the steps which can help you decide who should be your permanent make-up artist in Perth is talking to the candidates. If you are anyhow unsure about a clinic or an expert, book a consultation appointment and ask away your questions in a one on one meeting. After the consultation, it would be easier for you to contemplate your options and decide better.

In the consultation meeting, you get the chance to look over the clinic, its hygiene conditions, its service qualification, and the expert. After having a chat with different make-up artists, you can tell which one is qualified enough to rest your face in their skilled hands.

If you are still unsure over a few of your options, ask yourself which one went through explaining everything you needed to know without hesitation, which one answered vaguely, and mostly which one created a comfortable environment for you at the clinic.

Eyebrow tattoo technique

An important determining factor that can help you pick the right permanent make-up artist in Perth is their knowledge of various eyebrow tattoo techniques. Feather touch brows, powder brows, or combination brows are some of the popular eyebrow tattooing techniques.

You probably scratch an operator out of your list that knows only one eyebrow tattoo technique. Because in that case, their lack of skill would ultimately limit you and fail them in giving the eyebrow shape you desire.

There are also various faces and eyebrow outlines. Therefore a single eyebrow shape can not fit all faces. Your ideal permanent make-up artist should study your face and eyebrows thoroughly, listen carefully to what you want as an eyebrow for the next few months, and show you all the options you can have. Aside from the consultation, he or she should be able to craft any shape with the right eyebrow tattoo technique. Whether it is microblading or micropigmentation/nano brows, the clinic should have the equipment for each treatment.

Eyebrow tattoo hygiene

We talked about the importance of using sterile tools in eyebrow tattooing. Yet the coronavirus pandemic has crucially heightened the significance of this matter. In your visit to the clinic, see if the hygiene protocols are taken seriously. The staff should be wearing masks. And the operator must test for covid-19 regularly.

Eyebrow tattoo before and after photos

Before and after photos of an eyebrow tattoo clinic can say a lot about the quality of work the make-up artist can do.

These images can assist you to see the different eyebrow styles. Moreover, they will help you gain a better understanding of what to expect from some techniques or experts. Comparing before and after photos of different clinics could be useful in finding the best eyebrow tattoo clinic Perth.

how to find the best eyebrow tattoo specialist and clinic Perth
The clinic’s previous works can be a proper factor in deciding the best eyebrow tattoo clinic Perth.

Eyebrow tattoo cost

Eyebrow tattoo costs rely on all the indicators we mentioned above. Unlike what most people think, the lower the price does not necessarily mean a good deal. Of course, eyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic procedure, and none of these procedures are known to be cheap. Yet you can look into different clinics around you to get a better picture of which clinic offers the best quality work at a reasonable price in Perth.

Eyebrow tattoo reviews

Usually, any business review from previous customers can have more influence than any advertisement to convince you to choose a clinic over others. Customers are often honest about the service they received and the experience they had on trying the clinic before you. Although there are always some exaggerated positive reviews or intentionally negative comments online, you will most likely easily distinguish the real reviews to decide on the best eyebrow tattoo clinic in Perth for you.

Eyebrow tattoo artist attitude

The process of choosing the best eyebrow’s shape could be intimidating. The way experts deal with your anxiety shows their friendliness to their clients.

If the make-up artist makes you feel comfortable, talks with you through deciding the best eyebrow shape and technique, and listens carefully to what you want, that can be another factor to make you decide which clinic is best for you.


Like we said, eyebrows are a delicate matter. Deciding on the best eyebrow tattoo clinic Perth could be an exhausting process. But you can save time, money, and energy if you know what to look for in a cosmetic clinic.

Keep in mind to visit clinics before booking an appointment, read online reviews, and consult with the permanent make-up artist before making your eyebrow tattoo appointment.

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